Center for udnyttelse af solenergi

Center for udnyttelse af solenergi blev etableret 1. maj 2013 på Kemisk Institut med forksningsmidler fra Københavns Universitet.

The centre aims at developing new solutions to the exploitation of solar energy, which is by far the Earth's most abundant energy resource.

The centre activities focus on both the development of new light-harvesting photovoltaic devices and of new organic materials for efficient storage of energy. In addition, elucidation of fundamental aspects of light-harvesting and how to tune absorption maxima, interactions between chromophores, fluorescence properties, vibrational relaxation, and electron transfer processes as well as designing proof-of-concept systems are core areas of the center.

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Centeret integrerer teori, spektroskopi og organisk syntese, og bliver ledet af tre forskere: