12. november 2019

Professor Henrik G. Kjærgaard receives funding from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Professor Henrik G. Kjærgaard receives funding from the American foundation – Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to the project entitled “Autoxidation of Organic Compounds in Indoor Environments”. The project is in collaboration with Professor Paul Wennberg, CALTECH.

To date, Kjærgaard and Wennberg have focused on studying the chemistry occurring outdoors. With support from the Sloan Foundation, they will tackle the unimolecular chemistry of several organic compounds important in indoor environments over a 3-year project period. The initial compounds to be studied are chemicals known to be both prevalent in many homes and suspected to play a significant role in producing aerosol. At the University of Copenhagen, Kjærgaard together with a Ph.D. student and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow will undertake a comprehensive series of calculations to identify the relevant pathways and estimate their rates. At Caltech, Wennberg and a postdoctoral research fellow will quantify the rates and products of the unimolecular chemistry using state-of-the air analytical instruments. Together, Wennberg and Kjærgaard will provide a comprehensive mechanism for the oxidation of these terpenes. Because it is known that reactions on surfaces can change both the reaction rates and product yields compared to the gas-phase, Kjærgaard will extend the computational approach to study the effect of these surfaces on the rates of the unimolecular reactions.

This project will provide key information necessary to understand the chemistry occur indoors. The findings will be used by scientists involved in the Sloan MOdelling Consortium for Chemistry of Indoor Environments (MOCCIE) which is building a comprehensive model called INDCM (INdoor air Detailed Chemical Model).

The project funds a PhD student Jing Chen and postdoc Kristian Holten Møller.

Read more about the Alfred P. Sloan foundation: https://sloan.org/