CHEM Talks: Professor Matthias Arenz

Matthias Arenz

Matthias Arenz, Honorary Professor at CHEM and professor at University of Bern, Switzerland till give the next CHEM Talk and as always, the presentation will be Friday from 12:15 – 12:45, the language will be English.

​“High entropy alloy catalysis from an experimental point of view"

At the Center for high entropy alloy catalysis (CHEAC) of KU, we combine "synthesis, characterization, catalysis, and theory" of high entropy alloys. In the presentation, I will give a short overview of my background and how I as an educated physicist came to this research area. Then I will give a short overview of the CHEAC activities and discuss in more detail projects I am involved in as well as the challenges we face as experimentalists, but also the opportunities this rather new research topic offers.​

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