Gemma Solomon

CHEM Talks

Department of Chemistry has initiated a new series of scientific seminars presenting chemical research at the department. The seminars will always be held Fridays 12:15 – 12:45, the language will be English and introducing the scientific field of one of our researchers.

Professor Gemma Solomon will give the sixth “CHEM Talks" Friday 18/6-2021 at 12:15 – 12:45

"Electrons go ballistic: quantum interference in molecules"

Zooming in to the nano-meter length scale, we reach the size of single molecules. Here, some expectations from the macroscopic world will hold, while others are challenged by quantum mechanics. When quantum effects dominate, electrons are not simply particles but also behave as waves and consequently interference effects can dominate the physical properties of molecules. Here I will show the range of chemical systems we have investigated for quantum interference effects, how chemical substituents can control interference and how we can use these effects to find super-insulating molecules.​​