CHEM Talks

Department of Chemistry host a series of scientific seminars presenting chemical research at the department. The seminars will always be held Fridays from 12:15 – 12:45, the language will be English and introducing the scientific field of one of our researchers.

Professor Leila Lo Leggio gives the next “CHEM Talks" Friday 17/9-2021 at 12:15.

“Recalcitrant waste biomass: why enzymes help and how do they work”

Waste biomass of plant origin is rich in carbohydrates and chemical building blocks, which at least in principle can replace fossil fuels as energy and chemical feed stock sources. The recalcitrance of plant cell wall components to breakdown continues to be an obstacle - though by no means the only one - to the utilization of waste biomass as a high value resource. This talk focuses on glucuronoyl esterases, a promising enzyme family for decoupling polysaccharides from lignin in lignocellulose rich biomass.