15 March, 2021

Markus Reischer

The defense is starting at 9:00 and can be followed here:

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Link from Dominique Tobler: send an email to

will give a public lecture on his thesis entitled:

A novel direct-push probe for studying mobility of tracers and reactive nanoparticles in the subsurface – A contribution to contaminated site characterization, nanoparticle injection and tracing

followed by an oral defense. The defense is open to the public.

The thesis was submitted in December 2020

Evaluation Committee
Associate Professor Thomas Just Sørensen, Committee Chairman, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor Thomas Vieneken, Helmholz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Germany
Associate Professor Tiziana Tosco, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Associate Professor Dominique J. Tobler, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr. Knud Dideriksen, GEUS, Denmark
Anders G. Christensen, NIRAS, Denmark

Kurt V. Mikkelsen
PhD Coordinator (temporary)

Thesis (electronically) can be sent if you write to