19 June, 2019

The H.C. Ørsted Institute, Auditorium 9 at 09:15

Tatiana Rios Carvajal

will give a public lecture on her thesis entitled:

Specific ion effects on the interaction of organic and inorganic surfaces

followed by an oral defense. The defense is open to the public.

The thesis was submitted in March 2019

Evaluation Committee
Associate Professor Dominique Tobler, Committee Chairman,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor Dag Kristian Dysthe, University of Oslo, Norway
Senior Researcher Karen Louise Feilberg, DTU, Denmark

Associate Professor Tue Hassenkam, Department of Chemistry,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Senior Researcher, Nicolas Bovet, Centre for Oil and Gas, DTU, Denmark
Professor Susan L.S. Stipp, Department of Physics, DTU, Denmark

Jan Rossmeisl
PhD Coordinator