CHEM Talks: Postdoc. Jack Kirk Pedersen

CHEM Talks

Post Doc Jack Kirk Pedersen will give a “CHEM Talks" Friday 24/11-2023 at 12:15.

“A Multidimensional Solution to a Multifaceted Challenge: High-Entropy Alloy Catalysis for the Energy Transition”

The transition to a green energy society requires completely new chemical reactions to be catalyzed. Chemicals and fuels, previously based on fossil sources, must now be produced from abundant, stable molecules and renewable energy. These reactions demand effective and scalable catalysts to facilitate the transformation. High-entropy alloys—solid solutions of several metals—emerge as a beacon of hope for discovering such catalysts, offering a multidimensional composition space so vast that continuous adjustments in catalytic properties can be achieved. This versatility constitutes the unique advantage of high-entropy alloys in the pursuit of tailored catalysts. In this talk, I will share our recent discoveries and how to navigate the landscape of high-entropy alloys for this monumental energy transition.