Bo Wegge Laursen

Bo Wegge Laursen


Bo Wegge Laursen (b. 1970) is professor of chemistry and Director of Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2001, work carried out at Risø National Laboratory, Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry. In 2004 he became affiliated with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen as assistant professor, in 2009 as associate professor and in 2013 as full professor. In 2003-4 he was post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles. Bo Wegge Laursen's main research interest lies within the areas of: fluorescents in organic materials, molecular sensors, self-assembly in molecular materials, molecular electronics and graphene. He has published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals including several contributions to: Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of the American Chemical Society and Nature Communications. Bo Wegge Laursen actively seeks to connect his basic research to innovation. He has several fruitful industry collaborations, 7 patents/patent applications, and co-founded two spin out companies: FRS Systems ApS ( ) and KU Dyes ( ) where he is CEO.  

Primære forskningsområder

  • Fluorescens og fosforescens i organiske materialer
  • Molekylære sensorer
  • Selv-organisering i molekylære materialer
  • Molekylær elektronik
  • Graphene

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

  • Organisk kemi
  • Organisk syntese
  • Fotofysik og fotokemi
  • Nano-kemi
  • Materiale-kemi

Aktuel forskning

Martin Rosenberg, Anne Kathrine R. Junker, Thomas Just Sørensen, and Bo W. Laursen*, “Fluorescent pH Probes based on PET Quenching of Long Fluorescence Lifetime Triangulenium Dyes", ChemPhotoChem, 2019, 3, 233–242, DOI: 10.1002/cptc.201800266


Martin Rosenberg, Marco Santella, Sidsel Bogh, Alberto Viñas Muñoz, Helene Andersen, Ole Hammerich, Ilkay Bora, Kasper Lincke, Bo W. Laursen*, “Extended triangulenium ions – syntheses and characterization of benzo-bridged dioxa- and diazatriangulenium dyes”, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019, 84, 2556-2567


Marc H. Overgaard, Nicklas M. Sahlgren, Rasmus Hvidsten, Martin Kühnel, Kim N. Dalby, Tom Vosch, Bo W. Laursen and Kasper Nørgaard*, “Facile Synthesis of Mildly Oxidized Graphite Inks for Screen-Printing of Highly Conducting Electrodes”, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2019, 1801304


M. Rosenberg*, K. R. Rostgaard, Z. Liao, A. Ø. Madsen, K. L. Martinez, T. Vosch and B. W. Laursen*, “Design, Synthesis, and Time Gated Cell Imaging of Carbon-Bridged Triangulenium Dyes with Long Fluorescence Lifetime and Red Emission”, Chemical Science, 2018,9, 3122-3130


Bo Qiao, Brandon E. Hirsch, Semin Lee, Maren Pink, Chun-Hsing Chen, Bo W. Laursen*, Amar H. Flood*, “Ion-pair Oligomerization of Chromogenic Triangulenium Cations with Cyanostar-Modified Anions That Controls Emission in Hierarchical Materials”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017, 139, 6226–6233


Marc H. Overgaard, Martin Kühnel, Rasmus Hvidsten, Søren V. Petersen, Tom Vosch, Kasper Nørgaard and Bo W. Laursen*, “Highly Conductive Semitransparent Graphene Circuits Screen-Printed from Water-Based Graphene Oxide Ink”, Adv. Mater. Tech. 2017, 2, 1700011-


Thomas Just Sørensen, Dong Shi, Bo W. Laursen, “Tetramethoxy-aminorhodamine (TMARh) – a bichromophore, an improved fluorophore, and a pH-switch”, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016, 22, 7046 

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